Hypnosis Training QuestionsWhile we do provide a great deal of information about the Hypnosis Training on our websites, there may be specific Hypnosis Training Questions that come up from time to time. In order to provide as much detail as possible, many of the commonly asked questions have been included below. Check them out and if you still have questions contact me here for additional answers to your questions.

Who Should Take This Hypnosis Class?

This Basic and Advanced Hypnotherapy Training is for

  • Those with a desire to help others with hypnosis
  • People looking for an opportunity to explore the healing arts
  • Anyone seeking personal growth and self-improvement
  • Practitioners and Health professionals interested in learning hypnosis techniques
  • Counselors, social workers, doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, nurses, teachers and sports coaches have also found tremendous benefit from learning hypnosis.

When Can I Start Seeing Clients?

Students often ask when they can start seeing clients, I tell them to start as soon as they have people interested in sessions. This may mean family and friends become the initial volunteers to help the student hypnotist become a professional hypnotist.

Other opportunities include working with those who offer other complimentary services such as massage or yoga. You may find that some of them are interested in trading what they can provide for hypnosis. This may be your first step as you move forward and begin to receive compensation. Before you know it you will having paying clients.

Do I Need To Be Certified Before I Can Start?

Many people think there are federal or state regulations that require you to be certified before you can practice hypnosis. There are restrictions in a few states, so it would be a good idea to look into the laws where you live before you begin to practice hypnosis.

One example is the state of Florida which restricts the use of the term, hypnotherapist to licensed professionals such as doctors, dentists and counselors. It is OK to call yourself a hypnosis in Florida. A couple of other states have passed legislation that can create problems for those who are not aware of the specific state regulations in their state.

Will I Need to Renew My Certification?

Your first year of certification as a Certified Hypnotherapist with IACT is included in your tuition. The certification needs to be renewed on an annual basis. Continuing education is required in order to qualify for renewal and is available from a variety of sources, including Good Vibes Hypnosis Training as well as Hypnosis Conferences which are presented across the country at various times of the year.

The IACT Conference typically takes place in Daytona Beach, Florida during the month of May and includes a variety of 1-3 hour hypnosis workshops as well as 1 to 5 day classes.  This is a wonderful opportunity to study with people who live a great distance away and find out about applications of hypnosis that may have been unfamiliar to you before attending the conference.

More information is available here as well as on our main training website. If you do not find the answers to your Hypnosis Training Questions here, visit the Hypnotherapy Training site or contact us via email or phone.