Good Vibes Hypnosis Training Phoenix is one of our newest training locations. Due to popular demand from potential students in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Idaho and Colorado, we are now offering Hypnosis Training in Phoenix. We have had people from North Dakota, Idaho, Michigan and Illinois contact about our Phoenix Training.

Second Generation Hypnotherapist Mark V Johnson and his wife Lana have both been working with Hypnotherapy since 2003 and have shared what they know with students in Dallas, Atlanta, Houston and New Orleans. Many students seek out Mark and Lana for training since they specialize in Past Life Regression.

Hypnosis Training in PhoenixThis Basic and Advanced Hypnotherapy Training prepares the student to begin working with interactive processes as well as direct and indirect suggestion. These interactive processes include working with the inner child, parts therapy and gestalt therapy.

This training differs from online training in several ways. First the students have the opportunity to work with each other during supervised practice sessions which helps them learn as well as gain confidence in their ability to work with real world clients. The experiential nature of this training also provides therapeutic benefits for the students as they are able to work on challenges in their lives with the instructors as well as one another.

When you are ready to learn what you need to know about hypnosis to help others make powerful changes in the lives of others, we will be here to assist you in learning hypnotherapy so you will be prepared to help others. Often students get more out of the training than they expected because they do not realize that they will have the opportunity to experience hypnosis as both the client and the therapist.

We do encourage our Good Vibes Hypnosis Training Phoenix students to start working with family and friends as soon as possible. That is the most effective way to fine turn your ability to help others with hypnosis.

This Basic and Advanced Hypnosis Training is offered several times a year at various locations, including the Phoenix Hypnosis Training Location and is available on the dates below.

Basic and Advanced Hypnotherapy Training Schedule

This Twelve-Day Hypnotherapy Training for Certification in Phoenix is Divided Into 2 Six-Day Levels

Discover more about Hypnotherapy Certification and Training at Good Vibes Hypnosis Training and find out more about the upcoming Good Vibes Hypnotherapy Training Phoenix classes. Certification is offered through the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. Discover more about IACT Member Benefits and their annual conference in Daytona Beach by visiting the IACT website.

What are you waiting for? Now is your time, space is limited in this upcoming Good Vibes Hypnosis Training in Phoenix. Enroll today!