New Orleans Hypnosis Training Location
The New Orleans Hypnosis Training Location
is conveniently located in Metairie, Louisiana and includes everything a professional hypnosis training location requires. The small classes mean that the students will have the opportunity to interact with other students and the teaching staff and facilitate sessions under the supervision of our staff.

This training location includes a group training room and smaller offices are also available so that the students can get used to working in a professional environment. This New Orleans Hypnosis Training Location is wonderful in terms of restaurants and places to stay for those attending the training from out of town.

It’s always exciting to visit New Orleans and there’s plenty to do there, students who are visiting from out of town often spend extra time in New Orleans before or after the training. There will be enough to keep you busy during the New Orleans Hypnosis Training but it’s good to provide yourself with some time to enjoy the city and all it has to offer.

We have been traveling to New Orleans for years offering sessions, and now it is time to begin traveling there to teach others hypnosis. This is an exciting opportunity to get away from your daily routine and enjoy New Orleans while you learn how to help others using hypnosis.

This training will provide you with hands on experience as well as live and video demonstrations by professional hypnotherapists of yesterday and today. The combination of live and video demonstrations with discussion of the processes used create a powerful learning experience that will prepare you to assist others with your new hypnosis skills.

This Basic and Advanced Hypnosis Training is offered several times in various locations around the country and this same training is available in New Orleans on the dates below:

For upcoming dates in New Orleans or other Good Vibes Hypnosis Training Locations, visit our Main Hypnotherapy Training Site where you can register for Hypnosis Training in New Orleans, Atlanta, Dallas, Phoenix, Chicago, Nashville or Houston.