Atlanta Hypnosis Training LocationThe Atlanta Hypnosis Training Location provides training in a comfortable residential environment. The classes are small in order to provide individualized attention to the students as they learn through presentation of the material followed by demonstration and hands on experience working with hypnotic techniques.

Atlanta Hypnosis Training Location

We actually have several different options for the training in Atlanta, depending on the class size. Each location is easily accessible and we tend to go more for a comfortable learning environment as opposed to those stiff chairs that are typical in hotel conference rooms.

If we do end up in a hotel, our preference is an oversized suite to the conference rooms, because this means we have several rooms for sessions and a more casual environment. Our students learn quickly due to our format which includes presentation, demonstration and hands on experience.

The live demonstrations are supplemented with video case studies by the best of the best hypnosis trainers and provide a different perspective for the students during the Atlanta Hypnotherapy Training. Students work together as client and therapist in groups of 2 or 3 as well as in front of the class in order to learn by doing, experiencing and observing.

Students have the opportunity to learn self hypnosis as well, since this is an important aspect of working with clients. Each student will not only learn the most effective ways to hypnotize their clients, but will also receive detailed instructions on a variety of different ways to teach their clients self hypnosis. An important requirement in terms of earning their Atlanta Hypnotherapy Training Certification is that each student must be able to hypnotize themselves as well as others.

In addition to our Atlanta Hypnosis Training Location, this Basic and Advanced Hypnotherapy Training is available in various locations across the country. We are currently offering this training at the following locations:

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